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A Blast From the Bugle.


TUNE — "Star Spangled Banner."

[Some time since, the Richmond Enquirer, in commenting on a published letter written by Henry Clay to some of his political friends, styled it in derision — "a blast from the Bugle," and affected to consider it a summons which the Whigs of the Union would not venture to disobey.]

"A blast from the Bugle" — say, heard ye the sound,
As it rolled from the West over mountain and valley?
'Twas a signal for Patriots, the country around,
To make for the contest a glorious rally.
Regard, then its call, ye Whigs, one and all!
Prepare for the conflict, to conquer or fall.
"A blast from the Bugle" — oh! List to its strain,
As it echoes in thunders, from Georgia to Maine.

Like the trump of a chief — blown to gather his clan,
'Twill arouse every freeman, though heavy his slumbers;
And urge him to deeds well befitting the man
Who deserves to be rank'd in our army of numbers;
For we want but the true, who will dare and will do —
Whatever to honor and right shall be due;
When "a blast from the Bugle," shall stir up our train,
In lowland and highland, from Georgia to Maine.

No craven we wish, to respond to its call;
And oh! May its loud notes, no TRAITORS awaken;
But deep be his sleep, as the depths of his fall,
Let him breathe on, neglected, degraded, forsaken;
Let his name fade away, from the light of the day,
And honors which once encircled his way;
While "a blast from the Bugle" — ne'er issued in vain —
Shall inspirit each freeman from Georgia to Maine.


List! "a blast from the Bugle" — hark! hark! how it peals;
To the rescue, ye gallants! fall — fall in for Harry!
The pride of the West — him whose candor reveals
All, all that he is — then I pray you don't tarry,
But come to his aid, who has never betrayed
A friend, or proved false to the promise he made.
List! "a blast from the Bugle" — it rolls o'er the plain,
And startles an echo from Georgia to Maine.