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168. Dennis F. Hanks to William H. Herndon.

Charleston the 12th of March, 1866

Friend Blly

it Seams that you Cant get Strait on those questions I will try My Best this time

1st how did Thomas Lincoln & his wife & family cum to Indiana the Last time the time Mrs Johnston Came Did he Cum in a wagon I Say he Cum in a wagon a 4 horse team Belonging to his Brother in law Ralph Crumes of Brackinridge County Ky

2nd Did Hall & his wife Cum at that time I Say No not for 6 years after

3d Did Mrs & Mr Sparow Cum at that time I Say No But the Next fall they Did But at the Same time he Drove his Stalk Hoggs to poseys and thar left them in the Beach Mast and I and Sparrow Started home and we had Not Ben at home Not More than a week tell here Cum all the Hoggs A Bare had got a Mung them Killed one this was a Bout 80 Miles they cum we Started the Next fall My wifes farther was Daniel Johnston and Sally Johnston is heir Mother A Lincolns Step Mother of Elizabeth town Ky thomas Sparrow & wife & my Self lived on Thomas Lincoln place and Died Shortly after My uncle and ant uncle & ant to Abes Mother in Spencer County indiana Died in 1819 as I Recall

4th what is thompsons Now Called it is Still the Same Name it is Bout one Mile and a half Below Troy Troy is ˝ Mile Bove Anderson River the oldest vilage in that County perry Laid out in 1816


5th Did Mr Sparrow with wife Moved 1819 from Hardin County Ky to Ia Lived on thomas Lincoln place in that Darne Little half face Camp that Abe Killed the Turkey No flooer in it Lincoln had Bilt an other Cabin By this time and got in it a Bout 40 Rods a part Died in Six Months after we got there

6th what year Did A Lincoln Turn whig After He Cum to Illinois a Bout 1830 for he was allways a Jacson Man tell He went to Springfield So you Can tell your Self a Bout that he Never Voted for Jackson for he was two yung in Ia he allways Loved Hen Clays Speeches I think was the Cause Mostly Sum of the whigs a Bout Springfield Judge Logan and others he was a great Reader of the united States Speaker the Life of H Clay Shakespear Rollins works

No Doubts a Bout the A Lincoln Killing the turky he Dun it with his farthers Riffle Made By William Lutes of Bullit County Ky the Sise Ball was 120 to the pound I have Killed a 100 Dere with hir My Self turkies two Numer to Mention

8th what is the Name of the Creek &c It was the South fork of Pigeon Called Little Pigeon a Bout one Mile North of Lincolns a Bout the Same Distance from Woodes [illegible] this Creek is North of the Church a Bout 2 Miles or Meeting house on one of its tributerys

William Lit in Dont Keep any thing Back for I am in for the hole hog Shore for I No nobody can Do any for you Much for all they No is from Me at Last Every thing you See writen is from My Notes this you can tell your Self

I have got No answer yet from My Relatives in Kentucky I am fereful they have Not got My Letters I will Rite a gain Shortly

William write to William Hall in Frankford — Mo — I think he can tell Sumthing that will Be Interesting

D. F. Hanks

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1. Levi and Nancy Hanks Hall, the mother of Dennis Hanks and the aunt of Lincoln's mother.

2. For the location of Posey's, see §165, note 2. Beech mast is the accumulation of beech nuts on the forest floor, much fancied by hogs.

3. See §72 for a different view from the same informant.

4. "United States Speaker" probably refers to The American Speaker. See §109, note 1. "Rollin's works" probably refers to Charles Rollin, The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Macedonians and Grecians, available in many editions.