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Rail Lyrics


"The Power of the Rail, or the Fall of J.B."

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1. OLD BUCK sat in his chair of State --
His face was pale and wan;
The darkest passion of rage and hate
In his sunken eye balls shone.

2. "Oh! very uneasy," the old man said,
"Is the head that wears a crown --
The man who serves the slave - power now
Must certainly go down.

3. "The Covode dogs are on my track,
I hear their loud - mouth'd wail;
This treacherous chair begins to crack --
Upheaved by Lincoln's rail.

4. "Oh! had I made yon rock my seat,
(That Constitution Stone,) --
I should not now be left to weep
Myself and friends o'erthrown."

5. A smile played on Old Abram's lips
He sprang that rail upon,
And backward went poor old J. B.,
Down, -- down to oblivion.