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450. Edgar Conkling to William H. Herndon.

Cincinnati, O. August 19/67

Dr Sir

I have just seen Revd Dr Montfort, with whom you are in Correspondence. He is disposed to be at much labor in aiding you get at the facts. Is willing to go with you to Camden. O so soon as hears from there in answer to questions. Says he is now satisfied, Mr. Lincoln had some motive in withholding his having lived in Ohio. He & Collins both think your personal visits to several localities will be essential to compare likenesses, get recollections of old citizens of the appearances of real & reputed fathers & their mental characteristics &c &c Many incidents may be secured of great value not to be got otherwise,

On reading Hollands life of Lincoln I see defective history

Probing the real history will create a demand for at least one hundred thousand in this country & Europe giving it a preference over any other

If you fail to do so, others will do it,

Now, while you are on the track, with good aid, is your time to do it up.

You are at liberty to consult with my brother JCC, if you see proper, as it respects my letters to you

Vr Resy
Edgar Conkling

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 3027



1. Holland.

2. James C. Conkling.