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Letter from Zachary Taylor to Messrs. J. P. Whitney & Co., Agents, and Charles Stoddard, Commander, July 12, 1848.

BATON ROUGE, July 12, 1848.

GENTLEMEN — I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your very polite and acceptable letter of the 10th inst., this moment received, offering me a passage and state-room on board the splendid steamship "Crescent City" to New York, which is to leave New Orleans for that place on Saturday next, and going on to say, "knowing it is the wish of a great number of your friends in New York to see you there, and it would afford us great pleasure to have you make the trip in our ship." Having been recently assigned to the command of the Western Division of the Army, official duties will compel me to forego the gratification it would hare afforded me to accept your kind invitation, as well as to have met, on so favorable an occasion, my friends and fellow-citizens of the great emporium of our country. Accept, gentlemen, my most cordial thanks for the honor done me on this occasion, accompanied by my sincere wishes for your continued health and prosperity through a long life.

With considerations of high respect and esteem.

I remain, gentlemen,
Your most obedient servant,

Messrs. J. P. Whitney & Co., Agents, and Charles Stoddard, Commander.