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The Workingmen's Song.



Times won't be good, 'tis plain to see,
Till the Locos are upsot;


So now to gain this victory,
We'll vote for General Scott.
Then spread the news from East to West,
Our glorious country through;
From Maine to Texas we will shout
For Scott and Graham, too.

The laboring man that wants more work,
And higher wages too,
Will help to roll the true Whig ball,
With better times in view.
They'll take their spades, and grub and dig
Together one and all;
They'll work, and sweat, and toil, and shout,
And work for Scott this Fall.

The farmers want good times again,
To sell their wheat and pork;
And to put down old Pierce and King,
They're going right to work.
They'll plow, and sow, and reap, and mow,
And gather in their grain;
And next November they will go
For the chief of Lundy's Lane.

The blacksmiths will roll up their sleeves,
Their sledges they will swing,
And at the name of General Scott,
They'll make their anvils ring.
They'll blow, and strike, and forge, and weld,
And keep their irons hot,
And like all true and honest men,
They'll vote for General Scott.

Shoemakers, too, with right good will,
Will join the working throng;
And what they do for General Scott,
They'll do both neat and strong.


They'll crimp, and cut, and last, and stitch,
And peg, and black, and ball,
And peg, and peg, and peg, and peg,
Old Pierce and King this Fall.

The butchers, too, are on the spot,
With knives and aprons all;
For they intend to carve and dress
Old Pierce and King this Fall.
The coopers, too, are all on hand,
With barrels ready made,
Enough to pack the Locos in,
And set them in the shade.

Thus all professions, you will see,
Will make the welkin ring,
With loud huzzas for gallant Scott,
And down with Pierce and King;
Then in one general concert join,
The people's bound to lay 'em,
Ten thousand cheers for General Scott,
Ten more for Willie Graham.