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473. Isaac N. Arnold to William H. Herndon.

Chicago Dec. 18. 1882

My Dear Sir

Thanks for Your letter of the 16th.

In regard to Mr Bateman he does not stand up very squarely. I wrote to him once to ask him if Holland had repeated him correctly & he replied — as I recollect "substantially". His letter was burned in the great fire.

My idea of Mr Lincoln's settled Views of christianity is about this. He believed in the great fundamental principals of Christianity — but as to creeds & dogma, he was not strictly orthadox. I shall send you in a day or two — my paper on "A Layman's Faith," Which will give You my ideas of What the fundamental principles of christianity are. — I say nothing about trinity — eternal punishment &c — I refer You to this paper for my faith. Which is not of any importance to the world. What do you say to Lincoln's letter to John Johnston — dated Jany 12. 1852? — Lamon p. 336. I dont know, but if You & I were to sit down & compare our opinions about Mr Lincoln's religion I think we should not be so far apart as we seem — can you spare a copy of Your reply to Reed?

If we differ — it will be an honest difference — & we shall not cease to believe — each means to be truthful —

Very truly Yours
Isaac N. Arnold

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 3183



1. See AL to John D. Johnston, Jan. 12, 1851, CW 2:96 — 97.