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Polk and Oregon.


Yankee doodle, doodle do,
Yankee Doodle, dandy,
President Polk now rules the roast,
And he's tarnation handy.
He mort'lly hates old Johnny Bull,
And wouldn't he make him roary,
Should he ever come here to bother about,
The Oregon terri-tory!

Yankee Doodle, doodle do,
Yankee Doodle, dandy,
President Polk's the man for us,
He's so tarnation handy.

He'll poke his fist into every thing,
Slick the coon is never wrong;
And whatsoever he undertakes,
Your may swear he will come it strong;
For he cares for nobody, low nor high,
If they dare to get up his dander,
He'll walk right into 'em -- regular spy,
As bold as Alexander.
Yankee Doodle, doodle do, &c.

There aint a scrap of this mortal airth,
But he swears 'tis ours by natur;
And nobody else shall squint at it --
Not even John Bull -- the cratur!
Then up with the flag -- the stars and the stripes
And shout for American glory!
And tell Johnny Bull that he won't get an inch
Of the Oregon terri-tory.
Yankee doodle, doodle do, &c.