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Letter from Zachary Taylor to Wm. Hall, Aquasco, Prince George's Co., Md., July 6, 1847.

Camp near Monterey, July 6th, 1847.

MY DEAR SIR: — The resolutions recently adopted by a meeting of the citizens of Prince George's County, Maryland, forwarded to me by you, have been, with your accompanying letter, duly received.

Through you I would respectfully return to those kind friends my deep and sincere thanks, for the very high honor and flattering testimonials of approval which they have just conferred upon me. If the good people of the nation should so greatly honor me with the elevation to the Chief Magistracy, I shall by all zealous endeavors and to the best of my ability, strive to serve them, and maintain the best and highest interest of the whole country; yet, though I feel impelled to yield to the call of the people at large, I should hail with pleasure their determination confer so great a gift on some eminent statesman.

Be pleased to accept with these acknowledgements, for yourself and those whom you represent, the warm good wishes and regard of
Your most obliged servant,
Z. TAYLOR, Maj. Gen. U. S. Army.

Wm. Hall, Aquasco, Prince George's Co., Md.