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"Now's the day and now's the hour."


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1. Now's the day and now's the hour!
Freedom is our nation's dower,
Put we forth a nation's power
Struggling to be free!
Raise your front the foe to daunt!
Bide no more the snare, the taunt!
Peal to highest heaven the chant, —
"Law and Liberty."


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2. Gather like the muttering storm!
Wake you thunders for reform!
Bear not, like the trodden worm,
Scorn and mockery!
Waking from their guilty trance,
Shrink the foes as storms advance
Scathed beneath a nation's glance
Where's their bravery?

3. Waves on waves compose the main,
Mountains rise by grain on grain,
Men an empire's might sustain
Knit in unity!
Who shall check the ocean tide?
Who o'erthrow the mountain's pride?
Who a nation's strength deride,
Spurning slavery?

4. Hearts in mutual faith secure,
Hands from spoil and treachery pure,
Tongues that meaner oaths abjure,
These shall make us free!
Bend the knee, and bare the brow!
God, our guide, will hear us now!
Peal to highest heaven the vow,
"Law and Liberty."