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359. James Long (statement for William H. Herndon).

[1865 — 66]

James Long —

Mr. Lincoln was appointed Postmaster at New Salem, Sangamon Co, Ills. May 7. 1833, and continued in office until May 30, 1836. when the office was discontinued.

Accounts as Postmaster were settled by the Post Office Dept. Sept. 30, 1836.

On the 1st of June 1855, a patent was issued to him for 40 Acres of land, which was located at Dubuque Iowa, No. of warrant — 52076.

On the 10th of Sept. 1860, a patent was issued to him for the East ˝, N.E. ź and N.W. ź of N.E. ź, 18, 84 N, 39 W, containing 160 acres, and located at Council Bluffs, warrant No. 68645.

On the 6th June, 1827, a patent was issued to Thomas Linckern, alias Lincoln, for the W. ˝, S.W. ź, Sect. 32, T. 4 S. R. 5, W. in Indiana. This land was taken under the credit system of the Goverment, and as Mr. Linckern, alias Lincoln paid up on this a patent issued, and it did not revert to Government.

On the 22d. of May 1849, a patent was issued by the U.S. Patent Office to A. Lincoln for an improved method of lifting vessels over shoals.

Huntington Library: LN2408, 2:155 — 56



1. A former resident of Menard and Sangamon Counties, James G. Long had a clerkship in the pension ofęce and was Herndon's contact in Washington for information in government records.

2. See §45.

3. See §45.