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555. James H. Matheny (Jesse W. Weik Interview).

Sep 12 88


In 1839 — 40 Shoemaker who whipped his wife and lived back of Hoffman's row. Lincoln Evan Butler Noah Rickard & Matheney Notifed him if he ever did so again they would whip him. He did so and L & the others tied him to a post near a well back of Court House stripped his shirt — sent for his wife — who whaled him tremendously L. wanted to do it himself a few days before.

Sep 12 '88

Matheney says has heard Tiger tell the story of Mrs L. and his niece dozens of times. T. said Ls answer took the starch out of him


Matheny also says young men serenaded Mary Todd few days after arrival with flute fiddle and old time instruments. Next night she was at party. Met one Peck one of the players. On being introduced to him she made such sneering allusions to the music. Said she had met him (Peck) before, referring to the serenade. "That music" responded Peck who was a wild frolicsome fellow was intended for Susan" the servant at Edwards's.

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, box 2, Memorandum Book 2



1. This relates to the story told earlier by Matheny to WHH (see §604). A note in JWW's memorandum book identifies "Tiger" as Jacob Taggart:

Jacob Taggarts daughter — Miller. moved from Ohio

Lost Story of Lincoln.

Miller whose niece had trouble with M Lincoln — latter put truck out on [pavement?] — Ms L. hit Taggart in face with broom — T. asked L for satisfaction Lincoln said to him "Cant you stand this 1 lick whe I have stood it 20 years". When Taggart hunted Lincoln up for satisfaction L. was in Laverty's store telling yarn.

The sentence "Ms L. hit . . . for satisfaction" was added later. See Weik Papers, inside cover of Memorandum Book 1, ISHL.

2. JWW expands on this story in The Real Lincoln, where he gives the date of the interview as March 1883 and Sally as the name of "the colored servant at the Edwards mansion" (98).