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106. Harriet A. Chapman to William H. Herndon.

Charleston Ills Dec the 17th 65


Your favor of the 2nd was duly received. I will now endeavor to answer the Same. Mrs Lincoln the 2d wife of Thomas Lincoln had 2 daughters and one Son The Daughters were both married before they Come to Ills. My Father D F


Hanks married the Eldest, and Squire Hall the Youngest Daughter. S. Hall died in this County. Mr Moore Married Mrs Hall Where She now resides on the old Lincoln Farm. Mr Thomas Lincolns height was about 5 feet 10 Inches, weighed one hundred and 96 pounds. Walked rather Slow never seemed to be in a hurry his Face rather round, Grey Eyes or Hazel as Some People call them, never the less they was about the Color of his Son Abrams High Cheek bones and very large nose which was his most prominent feature had dark Course hair,

his Wife my Grand Mother Is a vary tall Woman Streight as an Indian, fair Complection and was when I first remember her vary handsome, Sprightly talkative and proud wore her Hair Curled till Gray is kind hearted and vary Charitable and also vary industrious. In Closed I will send you one of her Photographs taken about one year ago. If thare is ennything in the above which is not Satisfactory please let me know and I will correct the Same. When a Cild I Spent a great deal of my time with Grand Pa and Grand Ma Lincoln and loved them both dearly and enny information that I Can give in regard to them will be given freely although My discriptive powers are vary poor. The remitence you Spoke of in your letter will be thankfully received.

Respectfully Yours
H. A. Chapman

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2399; Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:281 — 82



1. For marriage dates, see p. 134, note 1.

2. Reuben Moore.