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The Taylor Bugle.

AIR — Star Spangled Banner.

Hark! what is that sound breaking out on the air?
More loud and more deep its full swell is ascending;
High triumph rides out on the heart stirring blast,
And hope's cheering song with its glad strains is blending;
Each bosom beats high,
To the notes as they fly;
Oh, what are those strains sweeping thus thro' the Sky!
Tis the rallying blast of the bugle once more!
Then shout for the names of Taylor and Filmore

Oh, long have the clouds mantled black o'er our Heaven,
Oh, long has the flag of our Glory been trailing,
Fierce blasts on its folds have uncessingly driven
And day after day has its brightness been paling;
But the Bugle's stern voice,
Calls on all to rejoice
While the echoes peal out in a soul-stirring noise,
Foretelling the triumph a nation now tenders,
To the man of our choice — "who never surrenders."

Pale labor looks up as the sound meets his ear,
A smite lights his brow, his heart glows with emotion;
The plow glides swiftly and with heartier cheer;
The canvass is spread o'er the breast of the ocean;
The land smiles once more,
For Polk's reign is o'er,
As the blasts swells on high, sweeping billow and shore;
And the notes of the Bugle in tones clear and steady,
Announces the victory for old "Rough and Ready."