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An Old Trick.


Tuesday, September 7, 1858.

It finally comes out, that the trick of Douglas at Ottawa, in palming off a bogus platform for the true one, is not a new one. He tried the same game in the U. S. Senate and was there headed off by Trumbull. The same thing was attempted by the State Register at Springfield, four years ago, and we recollect the article which exposed and rebuked it in the Morgan Journal, published at Jacksonville, at the time, and referred to below in a recent number of that paper:

"In producing the fraudulent resolutions at this time the Register does not sin ignorantly, but against light and knowledge. It is a mere repetition of an old fraud of the Register's, attempted four years ago, and then promptly detected. The first fraud was attempted in that paper of October 16th, 1854, when this resolution was published as a part of the action of the Springfield Convention. In the Morgan Journal of October 19th, 1854, the same paper in which we published the proceedings of the Springfield Convention, WE EXPOSED THE FRAUD in severe and fitting terms. Any one who wishes to satisfy himself on this point, may do so by calling at this office and examining our files."