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130. Charles Friend to Dennis Hanks.

Hodgenville Jan 27th 1866

Dear Sir

yours of the 18 Inst was handed me a day or two since by the Post Master of this place. And would say in answer that I am a Grandson of Charles Friend who lived on the Greensburg Road 3 miles S.E of this place. Grandpa has been Dead 21 years last Aug. My Father (Fielding) whom you seem to have forgotten, is also Dead he Died in Oct /'52 at West Point Ky. Leaving My Mother & Six Children. I'll give you the mames agreeable to age: Harriet. M. Charles, John C, Robt C, James E, and Richard C. The oldes My Sister is married to a Mr A. H. Redman and Has two Children Chas. & James Grandpa at his death left a widow and 9 Children three of whom are dead, Harriet Fielding & Elizy.

Uncles Richd & Robt live on the old place Uncle Jno Aunts Lydia Kitty & Matilda all Live in this county Aunt Harriet Mayfield died in Missouri last August Grandma is still living on the old place with uncle Robt the old Lady is Eighty Three years Old I carried your letter out to Uncle Rob's but grandma was not at home. Uncle Richard said he remembered you well. Grandma remembers you for she has often told me of you and said that she would like to see you and would would write if she knew where to direct to. I passed through your town


last Sept and had I have known that you lived there I would have given you a Call Wer you in Indianapolis Ind. last Winter when the corpse of A Lincoln was in state there. If you was we was clost to gather I was there and seen the President.

The old Man Geo Brownfield is dead but some of the Children live on the old place. Jacob Elliott lives on the old Homestead, and Jno lives in Mo. Thomas Creal is dead & Rich'd lives 3 miles from this place on the place of A Lincoln Birth. You say in your letter that you are a Cousin of the late President.

The old settlers of this place was under the impression that you was half Brothers you Mother being same. Old Uncle Wm Cessna is still living. Some 87 or 8 year of age J. F. Cessna his son lives in this place was Judge of the County before the War. he remembers you.

Nothing More only I Remain

Yours Truly
Charles Friend.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2439 — 40; Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:58 — 60



1. Candidate for Lincoln's father. See the index.

2. Another candiate for Lincoln's father. See the index.