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Arouse Ye Washingtonians.

TUNE — Cracoviene.

Hold on, hold on, ye noble band!
Till freedom reigns throughout the land;
Till rum and gin, and brandy all,
Shall have their last and final fall.

CHORUS — Arouse up, Washingtonians all,
And help us roll the temp'rance ball;
We'll have a glorious jubilee,
And raise the shout, "our land is free."

Push on, push on, both young and old!
Till all have gained the destin'd goal;
Be wide awake, nor give it up!
Until ye break the drunkard's cup.

Arouse, &c.

If there's a prize for those who fight,
Come labor on with all your might;
For sure the happy day will come,
When friends no more shall sell their rum.

Arouse, &c.

Come, noble sons of Baltimore,
And all who dwell upon this shore;
Come all who dwell beyond the sea,
And join the temp'rance jubilee.

Arouse, &c.