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A Little More Cider Too.


I love the white girl and the black,
And I love all the rest;
I love the girls for loving me,
But I love myself the best.
O dear, I am so thirsty;
I've just been down to supper;
I drank three pails of apple-jack,
And a tub of apple-butter.

O, a little more cider too,
A little more cider too;
A little more cider for Miss Dinah,
A little more cider too.

When first I saw Miss Snow Flake,
'Twas on Broadway I spied her;
I'd give my hat and boots, I would,
If I could been beside her.
She looked at me, I looked at her,
And then I crossed the street;
And then she smiling said to me,
A little more cider sweet.

O, a little more cider too, &c.
Oh, I wish I was an apple,
And Snow Flake was another;
Oh, what a pretty pair we'd make,
Up on a tree together!
How bad de darkies all would feel,
When on the tree they spied her,
To think how we would be
When we're made into cider.

Chorus. O, a little more cider too, &c.

But now old age comes creeping,
We grow down and don't get bigger
And cider sweet and sour then,
And I am just de nigger;


But let the cause be what it will,
Short, small, or wider,
She am de apple of my soul,
And I'm bound to be beside her.

Chorus. O, a little more cider too, &c.