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Letter from Robert Stuart to David Leavitt Concerning Accounts and the Canal's Opening

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Chicago April 10-1848

David Leavitt Esqr.

Dear Sir ,
I have valued on the Am:

Exchange Bank, since my last, as follows viz~

No 751 Apl 5~1848 fav: Chas. Oakley $35.-
" 752 " 10~ ---- Geo: Armour 2000.-
" 753 ------" ------ I.A. Burch & Co.(in duplicate) 10,000. -

We expect the first Boat, (from Lockport,) in to day -- and in the course of the week, one or more from La Salle, (thro' the whole line) --

I am respy:
Dear Sir

Your Ob: Svt.

Robert Stuart

N.B. On examining your Bank interest a/c: (by request of Capt. Swift,) I find that part of it is made out in accordance with commercial usage i.e. calling 360 days a year; but other parts at 365 days; there are several errors besides, & the dates of several items do not correspond with your a/cs: current -- Please to make out an new & accurate a/c of interest from your Books, & send it while the Trustees shall be here-

I think the difference will be in your favor, if your new a/c: be made out on the basis of 365 days to the year --

Pray lose no time in attending to this