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Thursday, September 2, 1858.

Mr. Douglas argued long and vehemently to prove that Mr. Lincoln and the Republicans do not now stand upon the same platform he stood upon in 1854. He forgets that the Republican party had not been organized in Illinois till 1856, and that the Republicans, as a party of the State, are not responsible for proceedings or resolutions of county or other conventions before that date. – Chicago Journal.

It matters not when the state Republican organization took place. Did not the Republicans present at Freeport on Friday, Aug. 27, 1858, endorse the platform? Did they not cry out "all right" when Douglas read the resolutions? Did they not say, "that is our platform?" Gentlemen, you cannot go back of what you did only the other day, to shield your party from those odious Abolition Resolutions. If you do, we will then ask you where do you stand? Are you opposed to the negro? What do you believe? If your platform was one that you could not stand upon, why did you endorse it on last Friday? If it is not your platform, how can those who declared it was theirs, vote for or with you? "Take which end you please."