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20. Joshua F. Speed (William H. Herndon interview)

[by June 10, 1865?]

2 Pennsylvania Women — Speed — Gen Dana — 2 weeks before hed died — Snatched out a thorn — planted a rose — one women Kneelded — L. took her up Saying dont pry to me. The other Lady — a modest one — a real dignified lady walked up to L. in a lady like way & Said Mr L taking one of his hands in both hers & Said — Mr L I thank you I never shall see you again — I hope to meet you in heaven — L then took her hands in his — walked with them to the door — & said — I dont know that I will eve get to heaven.

Lincoln was Simple and never above acknowleging his ignorance &c — machinery — words — Customs — Etiquette &c —

Don Quixott — The Bable — Esops Fables — Shakespear — Burns — Byron —

Speed says Lincon came here in 1835 — 6 Winter


Did not wish to kill Shields — Sometimes thought others — the very thought was agony —


Lincoln was at Chicago after his Election — Saw Speed — &c. Jany or Feby. 1860.

Speed heard Lincoln Speak her in 1836 Forquer attacked him & Lincoln replied —

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 3794 — 95; Huntington Library: LN2408, 2:392 — 93



1. This document may have been written at the same time as the previous item and may, indeed, belong to it. On similar paper and also in pencil, it was docketed separately and given the number 3.

2. Refers to Lincoln's near duel with James Shields in September 1842.

3. WHH first wrote "Nov or Dec 1860" but later substituted "Jany or Feby."

4. For Speed's retelling of this incident, see §§370, 473.