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P. M.
Music by Rev. J. W. DADMUN.

1. Happy the spirit released from its clay;
Happy the soul that goes bounding away;
Singing as upward it hastes to the skies,
"Victory! victory! homeward I rise."
Many the toils it has pass'd through below,
Many the seasons of
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2. There lies the wearisome body at rest;
Closed are its eyelids, and quiet its breast,
But the glad spirit on pinions of light,
"Victory! victory!" sings in its flight.
While we are weeping our friends gone from earth,
Angels are singing their
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3. How can we wish them recall'd from their home,
Longer in sorrowing exile to roam!
Safely they pass'd from their troubles beneath,
"Victory! victory!" shouting in death.
Thus let them slumber, 'till Christ from the skies,
Bids them in glorified
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