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All Hail the Cause.

Tune — Coronation.

ALL hail the cause of Temperance!
The cause of all mankind!
The old, the young, the rich, the poor,
May here rich blessings find.

The soul whom Alcohol has bound,
With all his magic powers,
May free itself, and henceforth walk
A pathway strewn with flowers!

God gave to us the gushing spring,
The brook and murmuring rill;
From these we all can quench our thirst,
And be His children still.

Not so the slave of Alcohol,
Who sips from fashion's bowl;
Each draught is poison, and pollutes
The body and the soul.

Then hail, all hail bright Temperance!
Friend of the true and brave!
Long o'er Columbia's happy homes,
May thy broad banner wave.