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Liberty Glee.


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TUNE: — "The Pirate's Glee."

March on! march on! we love the Liberty flag,
That's waving o'er our land;
As fearless as the eagle soaring
O'er the cloud-capped mountain crag.
Slavery in terror flies before us;
We fling our banner to the blast;
It there shall float triumphant o'er us,
We will defend it to the last.
March on! march on, &c.

Vote on! vote on, we hail the Liberty flag,
That leads us on our way;
We'll boldly vote, our country saving,
And bravely conquer while we may.
The world is up — for freedom moving,
The thunders' distant roar we hear —
From land to land the free are calling,
And slaves with joy and rapture hear.
Vote on! vote on, &c.