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The Lynn Clay Club Glee.


[Written for the Clay Melodist.]
By the author of the "Bonnie Clay Flag."

O'er Ashland's lawns, the skies are bright,
Skies are bright —
From West to East the radiance streams,
And glows the land beneath its beams,
Till beats a Nation's heart with joy,


Gay beats the heart with joy.
Hurrah, hurrah, hip, hurrah!
Cheer up, my boys! Cheer up, my boys!
Bright the day is dawning;
O'er Ashland's lawns it dawns, it dawns,
Hail the gladsome morning.

'Tis you — 'tis I must take the field,
Take the field —
Aye, we must start at the bugle's call,
Nor we alone — it summons all!
Then march where Ashland's banner leads,
Where Ashland's banner leads.
Hurrah, hurrah, hip, hurrah!
Cheer up, &c.

The day is ours, if we are true,
We are true —
We swear by our flag that floats on high,
Oh never from the field to fly.
The victory must and shall be ours —
The victory shall be ours.
Hurrah, hurrah, hip, hurrah!
Cheer up, my boys, &c.