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Arise Ye Sons of Temperance.

AIR — Franconia.

Arise ye sons of Temp'rance,
Join in the joyful strain,
The galling chains that bound us,
Shall bind us ne'er again;
For He who rules the thunder,
God of the earth and sea,
Has broken them asunder,
And made his children free.

When we were most forsaken,
And plunged in anguish deep,
His voice bid us awaken
From our lethargic sleep;
We heard the cry of warning,
Resounding through the land,
And Fashion's mandate scorning,
Joined in the Temp'rance band.

Then come, ye sons and daughters,
Come listen to our call,
And drink the cooling waters,
Which freely flow for all;
Then pain and grief and sadness,
Shall flee far, far away.
And peace and joy and gladness,
Be yours from day to day.