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330. Jesse Dubois (William H. Herndon Interview)

[1865 — 66]


One day — just before Lincoln delivered his house divided against Speech — Dubois Came into Lincolns office & found L writing — Dubois Said — L. what


are you writing. I am writing something which you may or may never see — Said Dubois — let me see it now — No Sir Said Mr Lincoln I have Said I will not. The conversation between L & Dubois then changed to a subject of business. In a few dys after this his house divided against itself speech Mr Dub & L met. Mr L said now Dubois I will tell you what I was doing when you Came into my office and why I would not show you what I was doing. You need not say what you were writing says Dubois — because I now Know. Mr Lincoln then said let me Explain why I would not read that Speech to you. This passage in the Speech about the house divided against itself I would not read it to you because I Knew you would make me Change it — modify & molify. & I was determined to read it — had willed it so. and was willing to perish with it, if nescessary. Mr Lincoln did this because he wanted to cut the winds out of Seward & others

Dubois Said Lincoln was selfish — was ambitious no administrative capabilities and was not in all things at all times perfectly honest — Wrote to me to go for him for Speaker. Where light was L was always there: he was a man of deep and profound [policy?], hiding &c. &c.

What Bill Jayne Said

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 3862; Huntington Library: LN2408, 2:158 — 59