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Washingtonian Song.


TUNE — Of all the lands.

Before all causes, East of West
I love the Temperance Cause the best —
I love its cheerful greetings:
No joys on earth can e'er be found,
Like those pure pleasures which abound
At Washingtonian meetings.

Before all edicts, East or West,
I count the Law of Love the best —
Its accents mildly spoken,
Will harmless make the poisoned bowl —
Build up the wounded, and control
The heart that's almost broken.

Before all people, East of West,
I love the Temperance men the best,
I love their noble spirit!
In generous deeds, not words, they deal;
They have at heart the poor man's weal —
All praise their efforts merit.

To all the world I give by hand —
My heart is with that noble band,
The Washingtonian Brothers.
God speed and prosper every plan
Whose basis is the good of man,
But this before all others.