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Douglas Apologizes


August 26, 1858.

Senator Douglas, in his next speech, according to the Times, will correct the error he committed at Ottaw.

It is presumed he will open as follows:
Fellow Citizens: -- At Ottawa, I tried to palm off some bogus resolutions as genuine, and fix them upon the Republican party. I tried to bring Lincoln "to his milk." I avowed I would trot him down to lower Egypt and transplant there resolutions to Jonesboro. But the Black Republicans found me out. They detected the counterfeit, and before they arraign me I will plead guilty. It was my poverty, but not my will, consented. I had called Lincoln a liar, a sneak and a coward, but it did no good. I thought I would try my hand at counterfeiting. I didn't know there were detectives around. If I am elected Senator, my first official duty will be to abolish all laws against counterfeiting, and put all detectives in the penitentiary. [Great applause.]

-- Chicago Journal.