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The Temperance Shout.


By permission, from Covert & Dodge's Collection of songs, published by Charles Keith, 69, Court street.
AIR — Tyrolese Shout of Liberty.

Shout, shout, your voices rise,
The rocks and hills with echo ringing;
Shout aloud until the skies,
Send back their joyful sound.


Let every tongue, in every land,
Join in the joyful, happy sound,
While every happy temp'rance band,
Their tuneful notes prolong.
Shout, shout, for victory;
With cheerful hearts we now are singing.
Shout aloud, we now are free!
Let all the earth resound.
Now, no longer then shall our wives or mothers mourn,
Or widow's hearts be filled with woe;
But now, returning to their happy home,
Yes, see the now, reformed ones go.

Hail, hail, the glorious day,
When first the temperance banner waving,
Hail, when the glorious lay
First struck the drunkard's ear.
Then raise your banner to the breeze,
A beacon unto all the world;
It brings the prisoner sweet release,
Where'er it is unfurled.
Hail, hail, the glorious day,
When first we signed the pledge of freedom;
Now we join the glorious lay
Of temperance with a cheer.
Come now let us celebrate with the dance and song,
The second day of our liberty,
When first we broke the tyrant's cruel thong.
And joyful cry, we're free, we're free.