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Right Onward We Go!


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Right Onward We Go!
Music by G. W. C.

We're afloat! we're afloat! on a fierce rolling tide,
Free Soil is our bark and the Truth is our guide;
No rest for the sluggard, no peace for the


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But thro' all opposition right onward we go.

The storm gathers round us, the thunder is heard;
What matter? our bark rideth on like a bird;
With the flag of the Union above our free men,
She has brav'd it before, and will brave it again.

Far above the dark storm-cloud the clear sunbeams rest,
And the bright bow of promise gleams forth on its breast;
Before us a future of labor and love —
Free brethren around us — a just God above.

A future of labor, brave, honest and free —
No monarch, no slaves, but a brotherhood we;
A future of love, when the just and the true
Shall rule in the place of the strong and the few.

Throw out the broad canvass to catch the free wind —
Leave old party issues, like rubbish, behind;
With Van Buren and Adams to lead on our van,
Live and die we, for Freedom, for Truth, and for Man.