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533. Harriet A. Chapman (Jesse W. Weik Interview).

[1886 — 87]

Harriett Chapman — aged 60

Ms L. had 3 children by Johns John D. Elizabeth & Matilda MC dau of Eliz

Thos L. about 6 feet high — heavy build — hair dark eyes grey — weight about 180 — not profane — always asked grace at table — read the bible — he could write — not a good reader or scholar — would take a dram not a hab. drinker — never drunk on Christmas had one or two hot apple toddy. Abraham L. inherited his fathers features rather than his mothers — Ms C has seen first Mrs L. but cannot recollect much of her appear she was intelligent [& keen?] [withal?] delicate spare made woman.

No education — Mr L. was proud of Abraham while in Congress — MC. lived at Springfield frm 42 to 44. — Robert was then boy — never was there after 44 — Abraham wife high strung — lying in hall one day with pillow on floor ladies called Mr L. in shirt sleeves invited visitors in and stated that he would "trot women folks out" — this made Mrs L. mad —

Mrs L. was engaged to Sen Douglas but she broke off engagement — she became sick — Douglas did not want to release her but her bro in law Dr Wallace who was treating her told Douglas he must give her up. Ms L. told Ms C. that she was engaged to D. — Story of leaving out her cousin dau of Dr. Todd when inviting guests to a party because cousin had intimated that Robert L. who was baby was a sweet child but not good looking.

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, box 2, Memorandum Book 1



1. Refers to Sarah Bush Lincoln and her first husband, Daniel Johnston.

2. Either JWW misunderstood or Harriet Chapman misspoke, for she was not born until after the death of Nancy Lincoln. She may have been recalling Nancy's mother, Lucey Hanks Sparrow.