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Beautiful World.


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P. M.
Arranged by W. R. Bowen.

1. We're going home, we've had visions bright,
Of that holy land, that world of light,
Where the long, dark night of time is past,
And the morn of eternity dawns at last;
Where the weary saint no more shall roam,
But dwell in a happy, peaceful home:
Where the brow with sparkling gems is crown'd,
And the waves of bliss are flowing around.
O, that beautiful World!
O, that beautiful World!

2. We're going home, we soon shall be
Where the sky is clear and all are free,
Where the victor's song floats o'er the plain,
And the seraphs' anthems blend with its strain,
Where the sun rolls down its brilliant flood,
And beams on a world that is fair and good,
Where stars, once dimm'd at nature's doom,
Will ever shine o'er the new earth bloom.

3. Where the tears and sighs which here were given,
Are exchanged for the gladsome song of heaven;
Where the beauteous forms which sing and shine,
Are guarded well by a hand divine;
Where the banner of love and friendship's wand
Are waving above that princely band,
And the glory of God, like a boundless sea,
Will cheer that immortal company.

4. 'Mid the ransom'd throng, 'mid the sea of bliss,
'Mid the holy city's gorgeousness,
'Mid the verdant plains, 'mid angel's cheer,
'Mid the saints that round the throne appear;
Where the conqueror's song, as it sounds afar
Is wafted on the ambrosial air;
Through endless years we then shall prove
The depth of a Saviour's matchless love.


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