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Where Liberty Dwells, There Is My Country


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Where Liberty dwells, is my country;
There, only there; there, only there;
Where Liberty dwells, is my Country;
There, and only there.

[Repeat first four lines at commencement of each stanza]

Though storms should howl around her,
And skies be overcast,
And the good ship seem just to founder,
Still, Boys, we give to the blast:

Chorus: Where Liberty dwells, &c.

That Land, we will defend her,
While floats our Flag on high;
Our motto is: Never surrender!
Fight till we conquer or die!


That Star - sprent Flag once covered
Our Washington, the blest!
That Eagle victorious has hovered,
Long, o'er our bravest and best!


And know: there's One who never
Bids a good cause go down;
God reigns, and His favor is ever
With us -- with our foes, His frown.


Sing, then; bid those who love us,
Join in our song so free;
the Heavens are smiling above us;
Success, Peace and Liberty!