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Franklin Pierce's Farewell


TUNE -- Araby's Daughter.

FAREWELL to the chair which has lent me its glory!
Farewell to the party which leaves me in shame!
It abandons me now; but the page of its story
The feeblest an blackest is linked with my name.
I have warred with the North, which vanquished me only
When the light of the slave-power allured me too far;
I have battled with freedom, yet, wretched and lonely,
I'm left without even one feeble hurrah.

Farewell to thee, South! -- with thy chivalry round me,
I promised thy slave-flag should cover the land;
But thy weakness deecrees I should leave as I found thee,
-- Decayed in thy glory -- thy wealth on the sand.
O for the fast-fleeting hours that were wasted
In idle endeavor to frighten the North!
O, would that the cane of your Brooks had been blasted
Before it had scattered my party like froth!

Farewell to thee, South! -- when slavery rallies
Once more in thy regions, remember me then.
The cotton still grows in the depths of thy valleys;
Though blighted, thy tears will soon raise it again.


Yet hope not to baffle the foes that surround us;
They never will tremble at sound of thy voice;
For Fremont has welded that chain that has bound us,
And the mass of the people stand by and rejoice.