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Hark! A Voice From Heaven.


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Words by Oliver Johnson.
Music — "Zion."

Hark! a voice from heaven proclaiming,
Comfort to the mourning slave;
God has heard him long complaining,
And extends his arm to save;
Proud oppression,
Soon shall find a shameful grave;
Proud oppression,


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Soon shall find a shameful end.

See, the light of truth is breaking
Full and clear on every hand;
And the voice of mercy speaking,
Now is heard through all the land;
Firm and fearless,
See the friends of freedom stand,

Lo! the nation is arousing
From its slumber long and deep;
And the friends of God are waking,
Never, never more to sleep,
While a bondman,
In his chains remains to weep.

Long, too long, have we been dreaming
O'er our country's sin and shame;
Let us now, the time redeeming,
Press the helpless captive's claim —
Till exulting,
He shall cast aside his chain.