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Letter from Zachary Taylor to a Most Respectable Citizen of Lansingburg, May 29, 1847.

The following letter was addressed to a most respectable citizen of Lansingburg, and the Troy Post says: "His communication to us, and the original letters from General Taylor, which are now before us, bespeak an intimacy between them, which accounts for the frankness and freedom of expression which characterize the letter."

Camp near Monterey, May 29, 1847.

Dear Sir: — It is with much pleasure that I acknowledge the receipt of your most interesting letter of the 1st instant, and to which I desire to reply in terms more expressive of my thanks to you for your kind consideration for myself, and yet more so of my high appreciation of the upright and patriotic sentiments which are the principal tenor of your letter; but I am burdened with official duties, and at this moment, with letters from distant sources, which require attention, and will necessarily oblige me to reply to you in a few lines.

Presidential office presents no inducements to me to seek its honors or responsibilities; the tranquility of private life, on the contrary, is the great object of my aspirations on the conclusion of the war — but I am not insensible to the persuasions that my services are yet due to the country, as the country shall see fit to command them; if still as a soldier, I am satisfied; if in higher and more responsible duties, I desire not to oppose the manifest wish of the people — but I will not be the candidate of any party or party clique; and should the nation at large seek to place me in the chair of the Chief Magistracy, the good of all parties and national good would be my great and absorbing aim.

Sentiments such as these have been the burden of my replies to all who have addressed me on this subject, expressing the assurance that by the spontaneous and unanimous voice of the people alone, and from no agency of my own, can I be withdrawn from the cherished hopes of private retirement and tranquility when peace shall return.

Please accept, with this, my brief reply, the warm appreciation and high consideration of
Yours most sincerely,
Major Gen. U. S. A.