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177. Dennis F. Hanks to William H. Herndon.

Charleston Ill March 22 — 66

Friend Billey

I just Received your Last Letter Making Enquires William you Ned not write to John Hall a Bout any thing for he wont answer any thing he cant write to give any Sattis to any one I will try and get a Coppy of that Insterment If I can get it from John he may think thare is Sumthing Rong a Bout it and I cant get Holt of it I will Do the Best I can for you

1st when you Landed in Indiana was thare Much under Bruch I will jest Say to you that it was the Brushes Cuntry that I have Ever Seen in any New Cuntry Spencer County — Ia — all Kinds of undergroth Spice wod Wild privy Shewmake Dogwood grape vines matted to Geather So that as the old Saying gowes you could Drive a Butcher Knife up to the Handle in it Bares and wile Cats Deer turkyes Squirls Rabits &c

[2]d what year Did Gentry off Gentry Vile I think in 22 for I hewed the first Loggs in it to Raise the first Store House for Gideon Romine to Sell goods in the first Backsmith was John Baldin Abes pertickler friend Sum times we spent a Little time at grog picking waits and Resling telling tales

3d Did Ever the Childern in Indiana Ever have Exibitions Not in our time the Manner Spilling in School was this all Stand up the teacher gave out a word it Cept on tell was Spelt and the one that Spelt it went up hed if he was foot No Speaches wa Mad Not any of those things you aske Spelt By hart Noon and Nite this is all

you Say what was Sum of the customs I Sopose you Mean take us all to


geather one thing I can tell you a Bout we had to work very hard clair ground for to Keep Sole and Body to geather and Every Spare time that We had we picked up our Rifle and feched in a fine Deer or turkey and in the winter time we went a Coon Hunting for Coon Skins was at that time Consderd Legal tender and Der Skins and their Hams I tell you Billy I Enjoyed My Self Better Then Than I have Ever Since

Charles Friend Says Abe Lincoln was Born on the old farm 3 Miles South of hoggins Vile this is Not answering the Qustion that I want he Says so this Charles Friend is young Man and his uncles Dont No thare is one Man that I think Can tell it is William Cisna he is 89 years old he must No Sumthing a Bout it for we was all Born and Raised Close thair abots Richard Creal is a Bout My age I think he Can give Sum Information what Noted place was that old farm Nere to I Can tell in a Minite if the will tell what old was Nereist to him was it on Nolin or Nob creek

I cant get any answer from My Brother Robert I have Ben Expecting one for Sum time in My Last Letter I Sent them 2 of my picturs I would Like to No if they got them

I will gow Down in a few Days and get a Coppy for you

D. F. Hanks

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2528; Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:271 — 73