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86. Green B. Taylor (William H. Herndon Interview).

Septr 16th 1865

My name is Green B. Taylor — aged 46 — am the son of James Taylor — I Knew Abe Lincoln well — He worked for my father 6 or 9 Months worked on the farm — run the ferry for my father from the Ky shore to the Indiana shore — The ferry crossed the Ohio — & crossed the Anderson River — Abe would ferry from one side to the other and land in Perry or cross the Ohio and Anderson and land in Spencer Co — Abe lived with my father in the year 1825 and worked about 6 or 9 mo — he plowed — ferried, ground Corn on the hand mill — grated Corn — My mother was Kind to Abe and Abe to her — he Abe went after the Doctress when my sister was born [illegible] my sister was born in


1825 — so it is no guess — Abe helped to Kill hogs for — John Woods — Jno Duthan & Stephen McDaniel — Barrells of hot water — blankets — clubs — were used in the process. Abe Lincoln was honest — industrious — social — Kind & courteous — I hit him with an Ear of Corn once — cut him over the Eye — he got mad — My mother whipt me severely as she should have done — Abe Lincoln got $6 per mo — and 31 c per day for Killing hogs as this was rough work — He and I slept up stairs — He usually read till near midnight reading — rose Early — would make a fire for my mother — put on the water & fix around generally — John Johnson & Wm Grigsby had a pitched fight — at or near Hoskins Near the Spring or close to Gentryville — My father was the second for John Johnson — Wm Whitten was the second for Wm Grigsby — They met and had a terrible fight — Wm Grigsby was too much for Lincoln's man — Johnson. After they had fought a long time — and it having been agreed not to break the ring, Abe burst through, caught Grigsby — threw him off some feet — stood up and swore he was the big buck at the lick — (It was here, says Hoskins, says that Abe waived a bottle of whiskey over his head and said as above). After Abe did this — it being a general invitation for a general fight they all pitched in and had quite a general fight.

ź M below Troy.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2361; Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:162 — 64



1. See Oskins interview,§84.