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The Buffalo Convention.


Music and Chorus, pp. 26,27 — or "Rory O'More."

They come from the mountain, they come from the glen,
Their motto — "Free Labor, Free Soil, and Free Men;"
They sweep to the rally like clouds to the storm,
From hill-top and valley they gather and form.

They cry, "To the rescue!" their march is begun,
Their number is legion — their hearts are but one;
Their cause is their country, they war for the right,
And the minions of slavery turn pale at the sight.

At the voice of Jehovah the ocean waves stayed —
Its billows rolled back, and the mandate obeyed;
Thus the tyrant is checked — he beholds with surprise,
The slave power recoil when stern freemen arise.

They speak — and that voice shall awaken mankind
From the sleep that has rested so long on the mind;
"No party shall bind us — we are free from this hour;
We bow not in meekness to slaveholding power."

Thou monster Oppression, shrink back to thy den,
For the shackles have burst from the spirits of men;
They spread their broad pinions, all proudly they soar;
Thy efforts are vain — thou canst bind them no more.

Where slavery now rears its broad front to the day,
Let them hug the foul fiend to their hearts as they may;
But there they must stop, for we sternly proclaim,
No slave shall pollute our free soil with his chain.