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Petition for a Road from Petersburg to Waverly.

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To the Hon.ble the General Assembly of the State of Illinois

We the undersigned petitioners, citizens of Sangamon County, respectfully represent to your Honorable Body that the location of a State road from Petersburg in Menard County to Berlin in Sangamon County thence this "New Berlin" the Rail Road Depot to Waverly in Morgan County. Your petitioners think that the location of said road would be of great advantage to the parts of the counties through which it would pass: they therefore pray your Honorable Body to pass a law establishing said road, and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray to &c. &c.

[H. Yates?]
Wesley Thomas
J. C. Payne
Charles Hammond
[Thomas ?]
[A. Foutch?]
[W. A. Scott?]
[Thomas ?]
[? H. Ellis]
[John ?]
John S. Robinson
[Thomas Foutch?]
Elis Wilcox
[William Warren?]
[Stephen Wilcox?]
[Jacob Sears?]
[David ?]
[Peter ?]
[Elias ?]
[John ?]
[Henry M. ?]
[James A. ?]
[William Bidinger?]