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354. John Klein (William H. Herndon Interview).

[1865 — 66]

Jno. Klein

Volunteered April 1832 — Capt. Goodan 4. Reg. Lincoln in the 4. Reg. Moses K. Anderson Col of Reg't — Achilles Morris Major — Whitesides commander in chief of the whole army — Gen'l —

Rendesvoused at Rushville — on horses — all mounted men — went to Rock Island — at Fort Armstrong — went N.W. to Henderson Co, at Yellow Bank, no Oquaqay — Miss River — crossed the Rock River — passing over various streams — burnt Sack Town (Saxe) — Recrossed the Rock River and went up to Dixon's Ferry — now Dixon — on the South side — Dixon is on Rock River. Stillman's defeat was in Ogle Co. in 1832 — 35 above Dixon — battle on Kishwakee Creek — Gen. Henry commandant of the Spy battalion. Thence we came S.E. to Fox River. This was about the month of June or last of May. Here our time expired and a new levy was ordered. 1st enlistment 60, and they during the war — Lincoln reinlisted, The Gen, now was Gen Henry — passed thence up the four Oaks — in Wisconsin — Here the battle of Bad axe was fought — south side of the river — Wisconsin then down to Bad Axe — and thence drove them west to the Miss. river — from thence we went to Prairie Du Chein (in Wisconsin) and there we were disbanded — Lincoln was with us all the day —

The fight as told to Klein by Jack Armstrong —
(See Kleins again)


Gov'r Duncan was Gov'r in 1831

Gov'r Reynolds was " " 1832

Oliphant a lawyer wrote the Poetry of the Illinois Sucker Young and Raw.

Huntington Library: LN2408, 2:241 — 42



1. Capt. Levi W. Goodan commanded a company in the same regiment in which AL served.

2. Klein must be confused as to the identity of his regimental commander, as there is no record of a Moses K. Anderson serving in the Black Hawk War. The colonel of the Fourth Regiment was Samuel M. Thompson; Achilles Morris was lieutenant colonel.

3. Meaning "now Oquawka."

4. Presumably another interview with Klein, which has not been located.

5. The last three paragraphs may belong to the Klein interview or may be stray pieces of information Herndon noted and Springer duly copied.