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Banner Song.


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Air -- From Greenland's Icy Mountains.

Who feeleth not a rapture,
Who boundeth not in pride,
With Lincoln's banner o'er him,
And Freedom on his side?
For him we seek no triumph,
By whom we strive and stand,
But Liberty and Freedom,
The glory of the land.

The bold and gallant Lincoln
Has won a golden name,
And now his country'll give him
The pinnacle of fame.
He sought the post of danger,
'Mid spirits bold and free;
And now the gallant Lincoln
Our President shall be.

Our watchword now is Freedom,
Our panoply and might ---
We prize the PEOPLE'S LIBERTY,
Their every chartered right.
To the breeze we'll throw our banner,
And all the world shall see,
We'll crown the gallant Lincoln,
The leader of the FREE!