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Petition to Governor Augustus C. French for a pardon in the case of Sigler H. Lester.

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To the Honorable the Governor of the State of Illinois-

Whereas Sigler H. Lester was, at the May Term 1847 of the Cumberland Circuit court, by said court, convicted of an assault with intent to commit murder, and sentenced to confinement in the Penitentiary for the term of one year, and whereas there are circumstances, which in our opinion, render it proper, that the Executive clemency should be extended to him, therefore We, the undersigned, respectfully recommend that Your Excellency, grant a pardon of said offence to said Lester.

May 19th 1847

A. [Kirchell?]
[L. D. Moulton?]
Philip Shipen
William [Kirkling?]
L. [Davis?]
[Lloyd Finiggell Juror?]
[Tho. Cook?]
[Thos. Janes?]
[Drewey Hale?]
[John Veaoh?]
[John Price?]
[Samuel A. Veaoh?]
[D. Davies?]
[E. H. Starkeweather?]
Orlando B. Ficklin
A. Lincoln
[Tho. Scouce?]
[Wm B. Deniu?] [Pelen McCartney?]
[James Geth?]
Wm [Cullen?]
John R. Kirkling
Alexander Byrd
[Henry Howser?]
[Charles Haris?]
[Elija Watters?]
Jackson [Gill?]
John Campbell
Wm [Hutton?]
[A. G. Freeman?]
[Leon Cook?]
William Davis
[L. D. Johnstton?]
[Victor B. Bell?]
[Thomas Brewer?]
William Jones
Henry [unknown]
William [Becker?]
John [James?]
James [H. Ellis?]
James [Cendall?]
David Martin
Jacob [unknown]
Jesse [Beach?]
Alfred Alexander
William Willson
John [Whitedone?]
Thomas [Bole?]
Isaac Linder
Will [Jones?]
[J. H. Apperson?]
[J. A. Love?]
[J. C. Gray?]
[J. W. Hill?]
[A. Highland?]
John [Wilbey?]
[P. Clark?]
James [Gavin?]
L. E. [Cartright?]
George [Wells?]
Thomas H. [Bates?]
[Robert Samel?]
[James Adkins?]
[Isaac Davis?]
[Arch D. Sutherland?]
[B. Monroe?]