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511. John Hanks to Jesse W. Weik.

Linkville Klamath Co. Oregon June 12, /87

Dear Sir

I was at Fort Klamath when your came and I did not get untill the other day. Thomas Lincoln Was 5 ft — 10 in in hight Dark completion Dark Eye ank Black hair And he hevy sque built man he Weigh about 180 lbs. I did not see him drink any thing that were intoxicated. he could read little; he could not right. He was religion he and his Wife Belong to the Baptis Church

Abraham L__ he was rether dark complextion

he was tall like his mother A__ Was 6 ft — 4 in in hight. His mother 5 ft. 10 in in hight she had Black haire Dark Eye and Dark complextion I got first acquaited with him in Kentucky Harden Co. he was a carpenter By trade he lirn trade of Jo. Hanks. I saw him last in Cold County Ill. in 1850 he never vist A__ after got marriage to my Knowledge do not Know Why


Nancy the mother of Abraham L__ she was a shrowd woman she was not much of talkative Dark complextion Dark Eye Black haire she weigh about 130 or 140 her hight were 6 ft Abraham he was tall like his mother and dark skin. I did Know in Kentucky as well Ind — Her mother and my father or William Hank were Brother and sister her mother marriage Henry Sparrow. in Hardon County Kentucky. She was very religious her dispstion was very quiet


I was well acquainted with her she wa short hevey built woman gooddeal like here Father in every way. she had Dark complextion Dark Eye Black haire she was smart and shrowd Woman


It was his step Brother he mad that remark to. his name was John Johson I was not at the sail at the time

A__ Lincoln Was Born in 1809 — Feb 12

I was 1802 9 day of Feb


I think you can under this you can can correct all errors in this letter

You mite send me one of your Book

Your Truly
John Hanks,

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, box 1



1. Possibly a reference to the remark, supposed to have been made by Lincoln after seeing a slave auction in New Orleans, about hitting slavery hard if he ever got the chance.