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Douglas Coming to His Milk.


Thursday, October 14, 1858.

Douglas coming to his milk – and we are glad to state it is the milk of human kindness. In his speech at Galesburg on Thursday of last week, he did not preface the word Republican with "Black" in a single instance. This is indeed "passing strange." What is the reason? When this Senator spoke at Jonesboro and other places in the southern portion of our State it was all "Black Republicans." Look at the hypocricy of this time-serving demagogue. When he meets Lincoln in Egypt, where there are few republicans he resorts to insolent, bullying language and billingsgate, but when speaking in the north becomes as mild as a kitten and begs for the support of even those hateful Republicans – as was the case at Galesburg. Such a man does not deserve the respect of a refined and fairly disposed people. His trickery is too apparent. He cannot, must not and will not succeed.