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Stay, Brother, Stay!

TUNE — Long, long ago.

Stay, Brother, stay! whither going so fast?
Danger is there! danger is there!
Ruin, which rides on the merciless blast,
Sweeps not so bare, not so bare.
Poison, they give, which corrupt and degrade,
Pitfalls and snares for the drunkard are laid,
Death and destruction to life is their trade.
O, then beware, O, beware.


Why let the bar with its man-demon slay?
Danger is there! danger is there!
Once fall a victim, what flood shall allay
Thirst like despair — like despair.
'Tis a disease which will prey on the form,
Gnaw like a serpent, and waste like a storm,
God's lovely image defile and deform.
O, then beware, O, beware.

Thousands you've heard of with once happy homes;
Where are they now? where are they now?
Millions you've heard of, who rushed to the tombs,
Weep, thinking how, thinking how.
Think of the fathers the foe has beguiled,
Think of the heart-broken mother and child,
Think of the homes made distracted and wild;
Then take the vow, take the vow.

Touch not the cup then, as long as you live;
Safety is there! safety is there!
Pleasures you sigh for, sweet Temp'rance can give;
Make her your care, her your care.
Come to her pledge, and enrolling your name,
Hail it the passport from ruin and shame,
To happiness, health, pure friendship, and fame.
Come, Brother dear, Brother dear.