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397. Caleb Carman to William H. Herndon.

Petersburg Ills Decb 8th 1866

Dear Sir

I Recd your letter of the 5th Decb whishing to know if Lincoln quotied Shakespear in Sangamon Town it was in Sangamon Town & Newsalem the words I Can not Recollect often in Conversation he would Refer to that Great man Shakespear allso Lord Byron as being a great man and Burns & of Burns Poems & Lord Nellson as being a Great Admarall & Naval Commander & Adams & Henry Clay Jackson George Washington was the Greatest of all of them & was his Great favorite in Conversation he would Refer to those Great men & would say thay was Great men now i will tell you about Lincoln and his two Cats i Had forgoten this till now — when Living with me in Salem we had two kittens Lincons favorite pets he would Take them up in his lap & play with them and Hold their heds together & say that Jane had a beter countanance than Susan Had that being their names Jane & Susan he would not alow them hurt the winter he went to Vandalia to the Legislator he Left very strict orders for the cats to be well taken care of not Bing well to day i will close this liter i will Rite you again if Required — yours &c

Caleb Carman

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2866