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540. Dennis Hanks (Jesse W. Weik Interview).

Paris Ills Mch 26 1888

Dennis Hanks born in Elizabethtwn Ky May 15 1799 — moved to Spencer Co Ind in 1817 — cousin of Lincoln's mother — Lincolns mother born of a Hanks woman who had come from Va and in Ky married a Sparrow — had 8 children — 2d child was Nancy — but she bore name of Hanks although Sparrow was right name — was not illegitimate Describes visit to Wash D.C. to see about Charleston rioters who were conned at Fort Donelson — L gave H. lots of papers directing him to go to Secrty but H. didn't know who Sec was. Sec Stanton came in while H. was in rom and asked L why in Hell he didn't hang rioters — L. directed then that pris. be sent frm Fort Donelson to Charleston to be tried which was done. Ficklin was lawyer and defended them — venue to Effingham Co. but no one appeared against them —

Thomas L & his 2d wife buried near Janesville Coles Co Ills — Tombstone placed there by Rob L. 2 years ago. —

H. has watch given him — plain silver one — given him by Lincoln when he made his first visit to Washington


One Beautiful wm at visit to W House — to see Lincoln — [three words illegible] in Rebe Army — Wrote endorsement on woman application to Secty "This woman is a leetle smarter than she lets on to be". Hanks saw L write this. H & L laughed over it. — Another poorly dressed woman came — smarter than other one. She had Son & husband in prison — wanted them out — L. turned in and wrote discharge.

Stanton says Hanks was a little bit tainted Yankee — when said Charles men should be hung Lincoln "responed if these men become good citizens whose hurt — " H asked L why he didn't spank Stanton — L told H. that he had more trouble with cabinet than all else

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, box 1



1. In the top margin: Interview with Dennis Hanks at Paris Ills.

2. As a result of a gun battle on March 28, 1864, in Charleston, Illinois, between antiwar "Copperheads" and furloughed Union soldiers, several persons on both sides were killed. Fifteen Copperheads were arrested and sent to Fort Delaware at Newcastle, Delaware. On AL's order they were returned to Coles County. Only two were ever tried, and they were found not guilty. The notes for this interview are apparently the basis of the account of Hanks's visit to Washington given in more detail in H&W (1889), 518 — 20.

3. This paragraph was written in the margin. At the top of the page: Abrahm Endloe was only 16 years old at time of Thos Ls marriage.