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Letter to William Schouler


WASHINGTON, February 2, 1840.

Friend Schouler: In these days of Cabinet making, we out West are awake as well as others. The accompanying article is from the "Illinois Journal," our leading Whig paper; and while it expresses what all the Whigs of the legislatures of Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin have expressed--a preference for Colonel Baker--I think it is fair and magnanimous to the other Western aspirants; and, on the whole, shows by sound argument that the West is not only entitled to, but is in need of, one member of the Cabinet. Desiring to turn public attention in some measure to this point, I shall be obliged if you will give the article a place in your paper, with or without comments, according to your own sense of propriety.

Our acquaintance, though short, has been very cordial, and I therefore venture to hope will not consider my request presumptuous, whether


you shall or shall not think proper to grant it. This I intend as private and confidential.

Yours truly,
A. Lincoln.